Joe Tuson is a frontend engineer based in London, UK.

Hi there. I am a creative and passionate frontend engineer with high attention to detail, and a keen eye for design & UX.

With 7 years of experience, I strive to bring simple & powerful solutions to that which is fraught with complexity by using the right tools for the job. I care about elegance, pertinence of architecture, and performance. If you’re looking for buzz-words, then I’m not your guy.

I have worked with a huge range of clients, from small start-ups to mega-corporations like PepsiCo.

Right now, I’m helping Penfold build the best pension in the world.

If you think I can be of help, drop me a line —

Javascript / ES6 SCSS HTML5 Git React.js Webpack GSAP Grunt Bootstrap Foundation Node.js AWS Sketch Photoshop Slap Bass